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Who am I?

tl;dr: 📱👾 + 🏔🪂 = ❤️

Creating a digital experience that focuses on solving problems for the user is one of my main drivers as a developer. It is now over a decade that I have started working as an engineer for the mobile platform and I have been going back and forth between makings apps and games but always stayed true to the iOS platform. Finding the right balance between a pragmatic and the perfect solution is a challenge I like to tackle each and every day. Learning new tools and features to help me solve it is something that keeps it exciting for me.

Not only am I a passionate developer and maker, I also love outdoor activities and try to combine those in my hobbies where ever I can. For example by building and flying drones or making a variometer for paragliding by myself.

May it be while hiking, climbing, paragliding or working on apps, I enjoy an open community of people that are curious and work together to create an environment of learning and understanding.

« Climb mountains not so the world can see you,
but so you can see the world. »
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